Monday, November 24, 2008

Stonehenge and Bath

Today we traveled to Stonehenge about 1 1/2 hours away. We got to see much of the country side and farms as we travelled to the southwest of England. It was freezing, but an incredible experience. Our guide told us all the local lore and explained all the new studies they have discovered on the way there. The stones weigh over 50 tons and many of them were brought from over 250 miles away in Wales! It took 1500 years to complete in three stages.

We then travelled to the town of Bath to see the ancient Roman baths that were refurbished during the reign of the George's. They were buried after the Anglo-Saxon invasion after the Romans left in the 400's AD. The water still flowed, but the ruins to the actual baths weren't found again until the 1700's.

The entire town of Bath is built from the local quarry; even today. It's amazing. The Bath Monastery also is located in the heart of the city and many of us were able to visit it and tour the inside. The stone seen on the church is the same as EVERY SINGLE BUILDING within this rather large town! The time spent there was eating fine chocolates at lunch and shopping the main street while we saw local street artist!