Friday, October 24, 2008

Watch the Rate!!!

Exchange rates have been pretty darn good lately, so I suggest you continue to watch them. I have been in contact with British Airlines about exchanging money. The site they have online doesn't show exchanging US dollars for British Pounds, though you can get Euro's. Supposedly it can be done without a problem and they are getting back to me. It just might not be able to be done online and you'd have to call in. The perk of this is that your money will be waiting for you when we arrive at the airport.

On that note: I found two more sources for the same rates and 0% commission. One is through the same company British Airlines uses: Travelex
They have both cash delivery as well as pre-paid cards in Pounds, Euros and US dollars that are accepted Worldwide. So that means if you order a card in Pounds, it can still be used in countries that have Euro's or dollars. It just exchanges it like an ATM card would. The perk of this is great exchange rates. These CANNOT be delivered, but Travelex does have branches in Denver and I'm sure the branch can deliver it too you. They are through US Bank in Denver at three different locations: (303) 333-5713, (303) 771-5010 and (303) 260-7433.

The other is Wells Fargo
They do not have pre-paid cards, but do have cash delivery for a cheaper rate than Travelex.

So if your bank is not cooperating and you would like cash on hand when we arrive without paying commission fees, I suggest you go this way. Delivery at both places is overnight and that is where there is a fee involved. $15 @ Travelex, $8 @ Wells Fargo.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have them! Yeah! All you will need is your passports when checking in at the airport as I will have given them your e-tickets.

We are flying British Airways, which is one of the nicest airlines there is! Please take a look at their website (linked to the name) if you have concerns about anything. Also - this is an overnight flight and we will be served meals. If you have food allergies you need to contact them concerning this. There are contact links on the site as well (1-800-247-9297).

They also have an advanced money exchange site. The rates are VERY good and I have been informed by the airlines they are still going down. I am thinking of exchanging cash this way in advance to pick up at the Heathrow Airport Terminal Landslide Departures - Zone B...supposedly where we will be arriving.

There is baggage information on the site, but this is what I have discovered so far:

Carry on: 2 Pieces. 1 not to exceed 22in x 17.5in x 9.8 in and 51 pounds
1 laptop sized bag or handbag or briefcase

Checked Baggage: 2 bags free. Max dimensions 62 inches at largest end. Not to exceed 51 pounds. There is a 25 sterling pound free for bags weighing between 52 and 70 Ibs. Bags over 70 will NOT be accepted.

HOWEVER: for this trip, due to our travel situation, you are only allotted the following:
Either 2 carry ons and NO checked luggage OR 1 small carry on with 1 large checked luggage.

I suggest packing an extra small duffel bag or the such that you may use on our return trip for items bought that may make your bags heavier than anticipated (or overcrowded). Coming back we are not as regulated as going there.

Please remember the meeting next Monday!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Meeting! Monday, Oct.27th

1 Month Until the Trip!

Sooooo...we need to hold a meeting.

This will be the last meeting before we leave, so please be sure to attend. If there is no way you can make it please be sure to be in touch with me if you have any questions.

Monday, October 27th @ 3:45

Friday, October 17, 2008

Some Helpful Info

Some information I've gotten from other teacher's, parent's, etc...that I felt might be helpful and/or interesting:

Boys: carry your wallets in your front pockets, not your back to discourage pickpockets.

Travelers checks no longer have te best exchange rates. Neither does straight cash. The best rates are through ATM cards and Credit Cards. There are now more fees assessed with check exchanges than before. Cash would be the second best, but ATM and Credit Cards are what I'm going to suggest as the easiest way to get cash and make purchases for the best exchange rates.

Rates are at an all time low at the moment if you are wanting to exchange cash BEFORE we leave. This is also a good way to bypass exchange fees in Europe.

There is an exchange link on minutes from the last meeting.

Look for a post early next week for a meeting the following week.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Need Info ASAP!

Parents and Students, PLEASE get copies of the information I asked for in the last meeting concerning copies of ID's, Passports and lists of any PRESCRIPTION medications you will have with you. I also need allergy lists.

We are working on getting a bus to take us to and from the airport. Thursday is not a problem, however, Saturday when we return may be. What I need from you ASAP is who plans on driving themselves one or both ways.