Thursday, November 27, 2008

Paris...and THE INEVITABLE!!!

We arrived safely in Paris this afternoon, checked into our hotel and set out to learn how to use their Metro Public Transport (which is really quite simple despite the criss-cross of lines on the map). Our first stop was Notre Dame. It was absolutely beautiful and a very holy experience for some of the students. It was here that the inevitable happened...we LOST 2 students! It was bound to happen on the trip as it's near impossible to keep 21 people together in some of these city crowds - But no fear, we drilled for the occasion somebody became separated from the group and all is well. April and Jordan showed up slightly late at our meeting point on the street in front of the Cathedral, and due to crazy crowds, a filming of a commercial and decorating of the Christmas tree we had to get the others to dinner and sent back an adult to get them...but they had already set out for the hotel. They did quite a good job and we received a call from the front desk as soon as they arrived. They asked directions from a guard, hopped back on the metro and popped back into the hotel; where they went straight to the front desk. Of course everyone was slightly worried and we postponed all plans until we knew where they were. All in all they were only missing for approximately 40 minutes...not enough time to even cause serious worry yet...Our guide says there’s something about Notre Dame as most large groups have a misplaced person or two after the experience.

On this note I do want to commend each and every student as our trip draws to a close. Everyone was extremely responsible for themselves as well as each other. Because of this we had no major mishaps and everyone has been very safe.

Because of this the remaining students were able to enjoy a riverboat cruise along the Seine to see Paris at night; "the City of Lights". Our initial response to Paris was that it was dirty and smelled, but it is truly a beautiful city, full of culture and a lively people. By night we really were able to see and appreciate the Paris skyline, and see why Parisians are such a proud people.

I also finally convinced them to try the pastries. Parent's beware them asking for crepes and Nutella when they get home. I believe I have created an addiction...sorry...

Tomorrow we will tour the city, visit the Louvre and get to see the Eiffel Tower by night. It was beautifully light up tonight and everyone is excited to go to the top!

I will post a slideshow of our days here tomorrow night. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!