Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 1

We arrived!!! There were absolutely no problems with our flight and we arrived pretty much on time at about 9:30 am London time. We immediately checked out luggage and headed out into town. Our guide, Carolyn, is wonderful! We decided a nap was a bad idea for the students as it would keep them on US time, and after seeing their excitement we decided to keep them out. It's 8:20 pm here now and I have 5 students typing away with me at the moment so expect some e-mails!!!

The London Eye - The Largest Farris Wheel in the World

Everyone is very tired, but starting to wrap up their night for a good night's rest! We first learned to use the 'tube' or local subway. It is very easy and our hotel is centrally located. After getting a tour of the major sites everyone split up for some free time to wonder the squares. Lancaster, Trafalgar, Piccadilly and the National Portrait Gallery. There is some great shopping and plenty of sites to see.

Queen's GuardBig Ben

At our fish and chips dinner

The lions in front of the National Portrait Gallery